UCM Symbol

Reverend Roger Corless created the UCM logo to symbolize the co-inherence of the Earth’s religions.

Symbol - Single PointWe begin with a single Point which represents Source.

Symbol - ShintoAround the Point we draw a circle symbolizing Infinity and Perfection. It also represents a mirror, which is an important symbol in Shinto.

Symbol - Four DirectionsWe then add two lines crossing representing the Four Directions.

Symbol - BuddhismNow we add two more diameters, producing the Eight- Spoked Dharma chakra of Buddhism.

Symbol - LabarumNext we add a semi-circle at the top of the cross- piece to produce the Labarum (Chi Rho) of Christianity.

Symbol - Yin YangAs we continue the curve to add a semi-circle at the bottom of the crosspiece we produce the Taiji Tu or Yin Yang symbol of Chinese religion.

Symbol - GoddessBy adding a similar curve in the opposite direction we create the Goddess symbol and the symbol for Infinity and a schematic representation of an atom, both of which are symbols of Science.

Symbol - Mogen DavidThen, by adding two intersecting triangles, we produce the Mogen David of Judaism and the Shri Yantra of Hinduism.

Symbol - WiccaBy adding mirror-image arcs we produce a chalice, representing Wicca or the Holy Grail.

Symbol - ZoroastrianismWhen the flame is seen to emerge from a container on a stand, it produces a symbol of Zoroastrianism.

Symbol - Unitarian UniversalismYou can also see a flame emerging from the chalice producing the symbol of Unitarian Universalism.

Symbol - SikhismThe mirror image arcs on either side of the oval produce a lotus, an important symbol in Indian religions and the form of a famous Baha’i temple. The same symbol can be seen as a schematic representation of the Nishan Sahib of Sikhism.

Symbol - IslamOne of the arcs represents the Crescent of Islam.

Symbol - JainismThe Circle, with a central point and multiple spokes, schematically represents the 1000 Spoke Wheel- an important symbol in Jainism.

Symbol - UCMThis design symbolizes the co-existence of the Earth’s religions, all contained within this single globe.